LAX Transit Corridor

Project Type:
Public Works

Project Title:
LAX Transit Corridor

Crenshaw, CA

General Contractor:
Walsh/Shea Corridor Constructors

LA County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The Los Angeles International Airport Transit Corridor is a project in Crenshaw, CA. This project consists of a light rail transit (8.5 mile) with six transit stations. The LAX Transit Corridor connects the South Bay region with the Westside region and downtown of the City of Los Angeles. It serves the cities of Hawthorne, Inglewood, El Segundo, and Los Angeles.

RBT Electric was selected as a second-tier subcontractor by Walsh/Shea Corridor Constructor to provide services in the construction of substations. As one of the electrical subcontractors, we were responsible for constructing six traction power substations and associated conduits.

For the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project, RBT Electric was required to install concrete site conduit and duct bank. For the whole project, we installed over 20,355 feet of site conduit and duct bank.

As part of building the substations, RBT Electric was required to provide and install TPSS AC utility metering switchgear.  In total, we installed six TPSS AC utility metering switchgear systems.

For this project, RBT Electric was also required to excavate and backfill the site for the six substations. With some sites more than 80 feet in depth and 100 feet in width, we excavated over xxx cubic feet of earth. For this work, RBT Electric used specialized equipment to meet the required safety standards.

The LAX Transit Corridor Project was challenging and had multiple start and stop dates. With multiple sites being constructed concurrently, RBT Electric successfully completed the construction of the substations to be one of the leading DBE contractors for the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor Project.

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