Orange Maintenance Station

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Orange Maintenance Station Shop 12

Orange, CA

State of California-Department of Transportation

In an effort to cut the cost of electricity and ease the burden for taxpayers, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has installed PV-based electricity generating systems in its maintenance facilities. The installation of a PV system at the Orange Maintenance Station was part of this green energy transformation.

RBT Electric was contracted by the State of California-Department of Transportation to design and build a photovoltaic (PV) system for the Orange Maintenance Station. For this project, we provided labor, materials, and services required to build a 33.6 kW DC PV system.

The PV array for the Orange Maintenance Station was mounted on an existing roof. We designed and fabricated a mounting structure that was adequate to support the PV array. This PV system consists of 187 PV modules, inverters, dedicated circuit breakers, and monitoring circuits.

For this project, RBT Electric was required to interconnect the PV system with existing electricity distribution system. We installed a utility interactive inverter cabinet, metering system, remote monitoring system, PV service disconnect switch and other electrical components required to interconnect the system with the South California Edison’s electricity distribution system. We also ensured that the system was fully compatible with existing PV system monitoring equipment.

RBT Electric successfully completed the installation of a rooftop mounted PV system for the Orange Maintenance Station within the time specified in the contract.

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