Antelope Valley Field Office


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Antelope Valley (District) Field Office Photovoltaic (PV) Carport System

Los Angeles County Waterworks District 40
Antelope Valley (District) Field Office
Lancaster, CA

Los Angeles County Internal Services Department

The County of Los Angeles has initiated many projects aimed at increasing use of green energy in its portfolio of properties. Through its green energy transformation programs, the department has installed PV-based electricity generation systems in most of its facilities. One of these projects is the installation of a PV system at the Antelope Valley Field Office in Lancaster, CA.

RBT Electric was contracted by the County of Los Angeles to design and build a photovoltaic carport system for the Antelope Valley Field Office. The scope of work for this project included providing labor, services and materials required to complete a 136 kW DC photovoltaic system. We were required to complete this project in 60 days.

For this project, RBT Electric prepared the site and fabricated the structures for supporting the PV modules.  We furnished and installed over 450 PV panels, 6 inverters, a utility interactive metering system, overcurrent protection devices, and other electrical components that were required to complete a fully operational PV system.

The PV system for the Antelope Valley Field Office consists of four carport PV systems: Carport A (23.79 kW), Carport B (43.92), Carport C (47.55 kW) and Carport D (23.79 kW). RBT Electric was responsible for interconnecting this PV system with the South California Edison’s electricity distribution system.

As part of this project, RBT Electric was required to install a PV-specific data acquisition system with real-time display for electricity production monitoring.  We also installed a weather monitoring system and an LED lighting system as was specified in the plans.

RBT Electric successfully completed the installation of the photovoltaic carport system for the Antelope Valley Field Office within the specified time.

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