Combined Generators


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Combined Generators

Marine Corps Logistics Base. Barstow. CA

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Eaton Corporation

US Marine Corps

Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) is a military facility located in Barstow, California that offers operational support through infrastructure, logistics, and services to the US Army and Marine Corps.

MCLB required assistance to replace emergency generators and automatic transfer switches (ATS) at Building 325, Building 580 and at Structure S-48 located inside the base at Barstow, California.

RBT Electric, Inc. provided the assistance needed by MCLB and worked immediately to solve the client’s requirements.

First, the RBT team went directly to Building 325 where the existing generator, ATS and all existing conductors from the generator were removed. Then, RBT Electric proceeded to install a new emergency generator with an ATS in order to provide security and reliability to the installation against power blackouts.

According to the requirements of the client, RBT Electric, Inc. installed the generator, ATS and conductors complying with the procedures established in the National Electrical Code (NEC) and with the United Facilities Guide Specification (UFGS) standards. UFGS standards used were mainly related to the installation of ATS and to the system requirements for the installation of Diesel-Generators of 15-300 kW for standby applications inside US Army, Naval, Air Force or NASA facilities.

The RBT team also performed contact resistance testing for the new four-pole ATS, as well as insulation resistance testing for new conductors. RBT Electric, Inc. made sure that the ATS also complied with EGSA, IEEE, NFPA, and UL standards.

Then, the RBT team developed the same procedure for Building 580, except that in this case the existing ATS was reused in accordance with the requirements of MCLB. Maintenance procedures were performed according to ANSI/NEMA-MTS to ensure the operation of the ATS. Moreover, conductors were selected in this installation to endure wet conditions using the existing raceway.

Furthermore, at Structure S-48,  the same procedure was executed as on Building 580.

For every building, the RBT team demolished the three (3) existing concrete generator pads and replaced them with new concrete pads, making sure that they were six (6) inches above grade. Also, the RBT team developed a complete test report that included all field testing results required by the client and by the standards mentioned above. Manufacturer’s operations and maintenance manuals for all ATS and generators were also provided by RBT Electric, Inc.

Finally,  RBT Electric, Inc. took care of every detail of the installation including transportation, material, tools, labor, test, and supervision of the project.

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