Hudson News


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Hudson News 7E, LAX

Los Angeles, CA

Menemshaw Construction Company

Hudson Group

Hudson Group, a subsidiary of DUFN, is one of the largest travel retailers in the United States. In North America, the group operates hundreds of Hudson, Hudson Booksellers, Hudson News, specialty retail shops and cafes in transportation terminals and airports. Hudson News stocks a wide selection of popular newsstand items including magazines, books, and souvenirs.

RBT Electric was subcontracted by Menemsha Construction Company to provide the electrical services required for the Hudson News LAX Project. As the electrical subcontractor, we were responsible for remodeling the electrical system for the 2,622 square feet retail space at the Los Angeles International Airport.

For this project, we upgraded various electrical component and systems as was specified in the plans. We installed new circuit breaker type panelboards, sub-meters, and conduit.  We also installed a dry-type transformer of the required rating.

As part of the contract, RBT Electric was required to remodel the lighting system for Hudson News. For this work, we upgraded lighting control panels and lighting fixtures as was specified in the drawings.

As the electrical subcontractor, we were required to upgrade the fire alarm system for Hudson News. As part of this work we installed smoke detectors, elevator signs, and fire alarm notification devices.

With a team of 10 electricians working in shifts, RBT Electric successfully completed the Hudson News LAX Project within the time specified in the contract.

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