Cheesecake Factory


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The Cheesecake Factory-Newport Beach

Fashion Island, CA

RCC Associates, Inc.

The Cheesecake Factory, Inc.

The Cheesecake Factory, Inc. offers a wide selection of Cheesecakes and an extensive dessert menu. With more than 200 branches in different parts of the world, the restaurant is one of the most popular in the US. Apart from their delicious cheesecakes, the restaurants are also known for their uniquely designed interiors.

RBT Electric was selected by RCC Associates, Inc. to provide the electrical services required for the Cheesecake Factory-Newport Beach project. As the electrical subcontractor, RBT Electric was required to remodel the electrical system for The Cheesecake Factory in Fashion Island, CA.

As part of re-engineering the electrical system for the 7, 271 sq. ft. facility, RBT Electric was required to upgrade various electrical components. We installed switch gear feeders, cables, and other electrical components. We also provided connections to various equipment including kitchen equipment, boiler, and compressors.

As part of the contract, RBT Electric was required to remodel the lighting system for different sections of the restaurant. For this work, we upgraded various components including lighting fixtures, lighting controls, and occupancy sensors. We also installed transformers as was specified in the plans.

RBT Electric was also required to install various low-voltage circuits including camera, sound, TV, satellite systems. As part of this, we also connected electric window shades, automatic doors, and control circuits for fire and water systems.

With a team of electricians working in shift, RBT Electric completed the Cheesecake Factory-Newport Beach project within the time specified in the contract.

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