LAX NBC Universal

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LAX NBC Universal 7K

Los Angeles, CA

C. Canright Construction, Inc.

Hudson Group

The NBC Universal Store is one of the most popular stores within the Los Angeles International Airport. This store offers a wide range of items including drinkware, clothing, gift cards, books, DVDs and collectibles.

RBT Electric was contracted by C. Canright Construction, Inc. to provide the electrical services required for the LAX NBC Universal Project. As the electrical subcontractor, RBT Electric was responsible for remodeling the 1085 square feet NBC Universal Store at the Los Angeles International Airport, CA 90045.

As the team responsible for reengineering the electrical system, we upgraded various electrical circuits and systems. We also upgraded conduit and cables for various systems within the retail space.

As part of renovating the retail space, RBT Electric was required to remodel the lighting system. For this work, we installed new lighting fixtures and lighting controls as was specified in the plans.

RBT Electric was also required to upgrade data communication systems for LAX NBC Universal Store. We also upgraded and activated the telephone system as was specified in the plans.

As the electrical subcontractor, RBT Electric was required to install audio equipment and CCTV system. In addition, we also improved interior storefront wall systems, interior wall partitions, and doors.

With a team of electricians working on this project, RBT Electric completed the LAX NBC Universal Project within the time specified in the contract.

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