Kitson – LAX

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Kitson – Space 7B, Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles, CA

Sierra Construction Company, Inc.

Hudson Group

With over 17 stores in the United States, Kitson is one of the most popular retail stores in Los Angeles. The boutique stocks a wide range of clothes for men, women, and children.  Apart from apparel, this lifestyle boutique also offers jewelry, accessories, gifts, and books.

RBT Electric was selected by Sierra Construction Company, Inc. to provide the electrical services required for the LAX Kitson project. As the electrical subcontractor, RBT Electric was required to remodel the electrical system for the 1025 sq. ft. retail space at the Los Angeles International Airport.

For this project, RBT Electric was required to reuse existing wires, conduit, and equipment. We extended the existing wires and conduits to connect new electrical equipment as was specified in the plans.

As the team responsible for upgrading the electrical system, we installed various electrical components including panels and a 15 kVA 3-phase transformer.  RBT Electric was also required to install panels, troughs, and disconnects.

As part of improving the retail space, RBT Electric was required to upgrade the lighting system. As part of remodeling the system, we upgraded the lighting fixtures, lighting controls, and wiring. We also re-engineered the power distribution system, motor power wiring system, fire alarm system, and security system as was specified in the plans.

With a team of electricians working on this project, we upgraded the electrical system for the 1025 sq. ft. retail space within 14 days as was required in the contract.

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